Cattle Brand, Cowboy Brands, branding, and branding irons

Picture a campfire, dusty cowboys, baying cattle, a red hot brand, and knowing those mangy rustlers are out there ready to steal the ranch cattle. This is real-branding. We embody this tradition by burning your brand into wood. The term branding has been relegated to a marketing term representing the sum total of a corporation's image. merges the heat of cowboy cattle branding with the need to scorch a company's logo and message in an intense and tangible way. We scorch your logo, motto, & contact info on natural cedar & other woods.

Unique, one-of-a-kind, original

Real branding is the original and most effective means to sear your image indelibly. Your custom designed wood product coveys your message on a medium that will be cherished by your clients. Chinese plastics won't create loyalty in the way that these homegrown legacies of rainforest wood and cowboy brands will. Our designers will work with you to create the cooking plank, box, bat, case, coaster, tray, salad spoons, luggage tags, name tags, & other products customized to enhance your unique market position. Wood is the medium and branding coveys the message.

A lasting impression will awaken & engage all five of your client's senses naturally in a process known as sensory branding. Your message becomes associated with the evocative cedar sauna smell, the texture of your message deeply scorched in wood ,the sight of natural wood and seared logo & the sound of fingers languorously stroking brands on wood. This unique natural cedar medium is evocative of rainforests, giant old growth forests, saunas, and hot summer days on a cedar deck.

Branding is our history and ensures your future prosperity. Branding is Hot! Sear your message! Scorch your image. Burn your brand where it counts.

real branding

Cowboys still use branding to identify their cattle. Tattooing and body art are more popular than ever. At we put hot branded planks in your business and your client’s homes. Cedar grilling planks make for a novel culinary experience. Northwest Indians used these planks to cook smoky moist fresh caught wild natural salmon. You can use them in the oven or grill for fish, poultry, or beef. Your brand is associated with this delicious meal. After use the plank is disposed and additional planks will be requested.